Syed Muztoba Ali College Of Education
Committed to train true, professional & empathetic educators
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SYED MUZTOBA ALI COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is organized and built with the avowed intention of imparting first quality teacher-education (now B.Ed.) to the would be teachers. The location of the college is at Sherpur, a thriving and rapidly urbanizing old and historic settlement which was a prosperous seat of regal administration and revenue-headquarters, mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari authored by illustrious Abul Fazal. It is in Khargram P.S and Kandi Sub-Division area. The famous Badsahi road beginning from the old capital Gour passes through it and runs up to Puri via Burdwan. On the other side a similar important road, now pitched, runs from Rampurhat to Berhampore crossing the former road at Sherpur. Buses, both private and state-owned are galore reaching directly every important destination, like Kolkata, Burdwan, Durgapur, Berhampore, Rampurhat, etc., from the place. There are banks, higher secondary school, petrol-pumps, daily vegetable market, large, well stocked and numerous shops of every item necessary for modern living.